The importance of modern patient care

Care that is centered around the patients wants and needs is a new type of care that is offered by some modern institutes. It allows individuals and families to feel more active and involved in the options of treatment for the patient. It is offered to make the patient’s treatment process easier and more comfortable for both the patient and loved ones of the patient. Good patient care considers patients’ cultural traditions, social circumstances, personal preferences and values, family situations and works with them to respect these aspects rather than work against them.

An institute that is well known for its highly rated patient care is the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The IOM was established in the seventies as a non-profit organization that works outside the government and provides medical advice to patients who have the opportunity to make medical decisions for themselves.
The Institute of Medicine want to know how to make each individual get the correct treatment, get better and stay better for as long as possible. They offer ‘whole person’ care, communication, patient support and most importantly patient trust and empowerment. They use a non-forceful approach to offer treatment and care to anyone who needs it. They aim to do their best in answering the most pressing questions about health-care that patients may have. In fact, they make it a responsibility of themselves to do this.

Patient care is not only about educating patients about their medical diagnosis, possible treatment or their medical options. They do not simply give patients what they want, but give them educated guidance that is unbiased and not forced upon the patient. They provide simple information on the benefits or and risks of all possible treatments. With the increase in popularity of this style of patient care, better care of patients in generally can be more widely provided.