Payroll and HR

Healthcare poses numerous challenges in terms of applying pay policies. Such things as 24/7 operations and varying pay levels that are dependent on skill levels, shifts worked and departments worked in can make for an accounting nightmare. Hospital IT system automates a healthcare organization’s unique and complex pay policies and applies these pay policies in a fair and consistent manner, even across multiple physical locations. Streamlined automation eliminates the need for manual data entry and cutting numerous manual checks every pay period.

Employees are empowered with online access to pay information 24/7; so more accountability is taken for their personnel information management, relieving some of the payroll and managerial staff workload. Supervisors are able to effectively manage employees with real-time information available at their desktop computers throughout the pay period. By providing critical labor information instantaneously, managers and administrators have the ability to control labor costs proactively. Enterprise management is made easier for administrators by reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and boosting productivity, which ultimately improves patient care.